Call of Duty: Mobile is launching on 1st October

After waiting a long time, Finally Call of Duty: Mobile release date is finally confirmed on October 1. Get ready to compete in Team Deathmatch or play Battle Royale on your smartphone.

Take the heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled action of Call of Duty with you wherever you go. Play your way across multiple game modes as you engage in head-to-head battle through fan-favourite maps like Nuketown and Crash, all optimized for mobile. And the best part? It’s free to play with free updates.

The free-to-play mobile game will have all the important features of the main version and will offer new maps, characters and a Battle Royale mode. According to Activision, Call of Duty Mobile will offer familiar maps such as Crash, Hijacked, and Nuketown. There will also be several gameplay modes such as Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, and Search and Destroy.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode will support up to 100 players in a big sized open map. You can play in solo, duo or squad mode competitions across land, sea and air with vehicles including an ATV, helicopter and raft. You can choose first or third-person and pick one of six classes. Whatever mode you jump into first, you’ll be able to play the whole game for free, and even rank up to unlock characters like Soap, Ghost, and Alex Mason. There are plenty of other customization options just waiting for players who play enough or just want to drop some cash on micro transactions.

Call of Duty: Mobile gamers can pre-register for the game on the company’s website. The game will be available in all regions including India. The game will be available through Google Play Store and Apple App Store, excluding Mainland China, Vietnam, and Belgium.

You can pre-register Call of Duty: Mobile from here.

More information about game search here.

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