Need for Speed HEAT gameplay trailer released

Finally, Need for Speed Heat gameplay trailer has been released. They offer a look at all the different ways that racers will be able to improve their reputation on the streets as they attempt to fend off the cops.

When the cinematic trailer released, we didn’t know much about the actual gameplay and mechanics of the newest instalment in the Need for Speed racing game series. And now with the launch of this trailer EA Games has given us a much clearer idea of everything that is going to be available in the fictional open world of Palm City.

This new trailer shows us everything NFS fans have wanted for years. Night time racing, street race culture, cop chases, car damage, rep systems and car customisation. During the daytime, racers will be able to take part in the Speedhunters Showdown, which are basically legitimate and sanctioned races. These kinds of races will bring in rewards in the form of Bank, with which you’ll be able to customize your ride and use them in the night.

At night, when the sun gets low, there are underground events that involve illegally speeding through the streets, potentially alerting the Palm City authorities. You’ll also be customising your rig with all kinds of trims and spoilers available. In Need for Speed Heat, the lines of the law fade when the sun starts to set. By daylight, compete in the Speedhunter Showdown, a series of sanctioned events where you can earn Bank to customize your personal fleet of cars. When your ride’s styled just right, ramp up the intensity at night. Enter illicit street races with your die-hard crew but stay ready – rogue cops are waiting. Take chances, burn competitors to increase your Rep, and risk it all for underground glory.

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