PUBG PC Lite Season 2 updates are now live

PUBG PC Lite received a massive new update season.  This patch introduces the new additions such as in-game currency, Lite Pass Season 2, Survival Title Season 2, 4 vs 4 game mode, and bug fixes. The latest updates are now live.

Two types of new in-game currencies other than BP and L-COIN: Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet.

Read very carefully to learn how to unlock these new currencies and what they can be used for.



What are those?

The Chicken Medal is a new special currency that can be exchanged for paid crates.4 Chicken Medal = 1 crate but the exchange rate may vary depending on the price of the crate.

How to get Chicken Medal?

You can now obtain Chicken Medal throughout the game!
Chicken Medal can be acquired from the daily login event, through LITE PASS and LITE PASS: Premium Rewards, Challenge Missions, Daily Mission, PUBG LITE Playday event on weekends, crates purchased with BP and community events.

Using Chicken Medal

With this patch, you’ll notice a new Chicken Medal button before purchasing a crate. Use that button to purchase the crate with Chicken Medal instead of L-COIN.



What’s this?

Silver Bullet is a new currency that is acquired when a skin item is scrapped. Previously you’d earn BP from scrapping items but from this patch forward you’ll get Silver Bullet instead.
You can buy items with this new currency in the Store through the Silver Bullet Store.

How to get Silver Bullet?

After selecting a skin item from your inventory that you want to scrap, click EXCHANGE.
Then click CONFIRM on the pop-up screen to get Silver Bullet.

Exchange Rate

See the table below to find the Silver Bullet exchange rates. The amount of Silver Bullet you can get varies according to the background colour of an item.


Silver Bullet Store:

silver bullet store

LITE PASS Season 2:

Lite Pass Season 2 has already begun. LITE PASS Season 2 runs for 8 weeks, starting October 10th and ends with the December 5th maintenance. It will have a grace period between December 5th and December 12th to give players time to claim their rewards after the season ends.

Players have one week to receive their pass rewards. If a player doesn’t redeem the rewards before the grace period ends, then they will lose the opportunity to claim their rewards.

Daily Missions resets daily. Weekly Missions resets weekly every Thursday. Beginner, Premium, and Challenge Missions are available for completion over the duration of the LITE PASS Season 2. Premium Missions are additional missions available for players that purchased a LITE PASS: Premium. UMP45 and BODIE (4 vs 4 Mode) have been added as new Challenge Missions. You can get PASS EXP when you clear each mission. Also, you can acquire a Chicken Medal when you complete all missions!

You can download PUBG PC Lite from here.

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