5 Superb Habits for Glowing Skin @Lockdown

Hey guys! check out these 5 Superb habits for glowing skin @lockdown

Let’s not make this lockdown period a complete waste for your skin and fitness as this may be the most desirable time for some people who never get enough time, or say just 1 hour to take care of their own, because of their tight-scheduled regular days.
We must say this is the perfect time to pay attention to your wellbeing and hygiene!

Well, the inevitable truth is ’Your skin is the mirror reflection of your health’. When you are nourished inside, you glow outside’ and this is the reason you need to hold a few good habits that can nourish your skin and improve your overall health.

But the question is, how many of you guys know your skin well?

Many people have got a tendency to buy whatever they see in ‘Ads’ even if they have no idea whether it’s right for them or not. People have never learned how to take care of their very natural defense mechanisms.

Before we start with 5 superb habits for your glowing skin, let’s take a brief lesson on skin types to choose products accordingly. As we all know; skin can be divided into 4 basic types according to texture; which have been discussed in our blog “Don’t fret! Get to know your skin today“.

  •   Normal skin
  •   Dry Skin
  •   Oily Skin
  •   Combination skin 

Normal Skin 


normal skin

It is the most balanced form of skin that has no visible pores or greasy patches or flaky areas. It can be said if you have an even-toned, soft & supple face, you are blessed with normal skin.  You can choose a mild cleanser to maintain the texture.

Dry skin

If you notice your skin is thin or has a flaky tendency plus a non-greasy effect all the time, in that case, you have dry skin. This is a very important criterion for picking a mild foaming cleanser or cleansing milk or cleansing cream to avoid further dryness.

dry skin


Oily skin

This kind of skin is well-known to people and very easy to identify. Its name says all about it. Oily, thick & coarse texture is the sign of this kind. It makes the skin appearance greasy & shiny.

oily skin

Enlarged Pores can be seen easily and clearly, it is favorite for acne bacterium. Oily skin needs special cleansers like foam-based, anti-bacterial, or non-comedogenic so that pores do not get clogged and bacteria don’t trigger.


Combination skin

The name explains it all. It is a combination of Oily and Dry skin features. This is the most common skin type we find in Asians. Usually, they notice oily T-Zone which indicates forehead area, nose, and chin while it coupled with dry C-zone which is the cheek & jaw area. Moreover, it can be seen the other way around.

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This kind of skin is very easy to catch impurities and very tricky to heal. Accordingly, they need special care. So, choosing a cleansing product is very specific for Combination-skin types.

Never try to opt for oily or dry skin care products or cleansers since those are not gonna make any improvement. Choose specifically combination skin-care products to work with your skin troubles.

Once you obtain enough knowledge about your skin, below listed Superb habits for glowing skin, are gonna help you to maintain and enhance your glam;

Superb habits: No.1

Follow C-T-M sincerely according to your skin type:

‘The Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing or The CTM’ is the mantra of a healthy skincare routine. Skin is the outermost protective layer of a human body and following CTM regularly is the most important step of all to avoid skin imperfections. 

Do cleansing

2 times a day with a good cleanser that suitable for your skin and stay away from unwanted impurities! This cleansing process helps to remove dirt, pollutants, excess oil, and all other foreign particles from your skin surface which are the reason behind most of the skin disorders like Acne, Black Heads, White Heads, and other irritations.

Different kinds of cleanser products are available in the market such as cleanser milk, foaming cleanser, cleansing bars, or cleansing creams. Choose your cleanser wisely according to your skin type and suitability.

But always remember to choose a mild one as you would never want to see a stretchy or dull face after washing it off.

Do Toning

Toning is the very next step to follow without any hesitation. Remember experts say never to skip toning on your routine. The reasons behind Toning your skin is very important are; 

  • It plays the role of minimizing pores, which has been enlarged at the time of cleansing your face. The pores need to be minimized immediately after cleansing otherwise it can elevate a cause for open pores, clogged pores, acne & other skin infections.
  • Toners are the main step to get back to the pH level of skin as it was misbalanced at the time of washing or cleansing
  • Alcohol-based toners also help to remove residuals of cleanser products you are using
  • Even a few of our new generation toners have a special role in supplying anti-oxidants, vitamin B derivatives, and other useful acids other than its classic role of toning skin.

Do Moisturize

Moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer right after toning. Every skin needs moisture irrespective of skin type and climate. Your moisturizer is like food to your skin. Some people may think that they already have enough moisture because their skin is naturally oily.

But, the fact says, even if you have oily skin you have to use a good moisturizer to avoid skin dehydration. Keep in mind that hydration is crucial for your skin irrespective of your skin type but choosing the right type of moisturizer is also important.

Just like Oil-free moisturizers are available for those who have oily or combination skin and deep nourishing moisturizers are there for those who have dry skin features. To check out some absolutely amazing sin care products available in the market

Superb habits: No.2

Do ‘Oil Pulling’ every morning for a radiant glow on your face

Ayurveda’ says, it is the best practice of supporting oral functions and it also benefits our skin since it draws out toxins from your body. Every morning start swishing a spoon of coconut oil around your mouth until it liquefies like water. 

oil pulling

This ritual makes you perform an exercise with your mouth that helps to improve your facial structure and enhance the natural glow of your face. 

Oil Pulling is one of the favorite exercises for some celebrities since it has a very amazing effect on the skin. It is also said that one can see a visibly radiant skin in a very short period of Oil Pulling practice.


Superb habits: No.3

 Exercise regularly at least for 30 mints

Exercise is very important for your health and for the glowing skin too. As it helps to reform your body, it also helps to change your skin. Regular exercise improves your blood circulation which helps to nourish your skin cells by supplying oxygen and vital nutrients.

This is the most promising way to flush out harmful toxins and cellular debris out of your system along with excretion of impurities like pollutants, dirt, and unnecessary fatigue from your skin. 

 To maintain your self-glam and to enhance it, you must tie your knot with facial yoga and exercise. Your inside health will soon start reflecting by glowing skin.

So hold this one of the superb habits of regular exercise and get the best version of your skin. For help, you can also check out some videos on facial exercise lessons on youtube.

Or you can also follow a Fitness Trainer online at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100050640646723

Superb habits: No.4

Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated from inside.

“Water is Life” is no myth. Every living object on earth is made up of cells and cells are made up of almost 70% of water. Water is an important ingredient that is responsible for producing body fluids.

These fluids are working to run the very brilliant defense mechanism of the human body.  There is no doubt that water has an uncountable benefit which truly helps every organ and cell of a human body to function properly.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day will speed up the process of cell rebirth function and increase essential fluids, which are the key to bright skin. Our skin already has the needy natural resources that can make us shine. Our only responsibility is to take care of them.

 Drinking water in a regular interval is going to flush out all unnecessary things from your body and keep your Liver, Kidney, and other organs strong.  

drinking water

Start your morning with a bottle of water to stay hydrated and fight with impurities and premature skin aging.  This morning routine will help to shed off the bad layers of your skin. Moreover, who doesn’t want soft & supple wrinkle-free skin for a long long time?

The good news is you can also replace water with homemade health drinks that will help in both ways, “Think of water as a nutrient your body needs that is present in liquids, plain water, and foods. All of these are essential daily to replace the large amounts of water lost each day,” says Joan Koelemay, RD, the dietitian for the Beverage Institute, an industry group. 


 Superb habits: No.5

Focus on your sleeping and eating habit

After spending a long period at home people are most likely to skip their usual timetable of eating and sleeping. Do not cheat with your dietary plan & sleeping timetable at any cost. 

eating habit

Eating healthy (especially at proper timings) is something that you never gonna regret in life. This body is an engine that needs the proper fuel to run perfectly. Moreover, it needs to rest properly to run naturally.

Follow these simple guidelines for your good health;

  • Eat homemade fresh food and avoid buying processed food from different food websites. 
  • Make your meal a complete package of Carbs, Fibers, vitamins & Minerals. 
  • Stay away from foods that might cause indigestion.  
  • Add more fruits that contain vitamin C Vitamin B derivatives and E, which are the direct source of immunity booster. 
  • Take suggestion from WHO (World Health Organization) for eating habit during COVID-19 outbreak; http://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/health-emergencies/coronavirus-covid-19/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-technical-guidance/food-and-nutrition-tips-during-self-quarantine
  • Sleep enough (at least 7 hrs) so that your brain can work properly. Do not oversleep. Try to cut down your napping to 20 to 30 mints max (provided you do nap) 
  • Avoid caffeine and nicotine close to your sleeping time to avoid sleepless nights as you are already not into your daily physical activities.

This Lockdown period is the best time to pay attention and do your research on learning new things about your self-care. Taking care of yourself is never gonna harm anyone besides it will give you the confidence that you deserve.

Get glowing with these 5 superb habits for a glowing skin that are mentioned above and be ready to flaunt once you get back to your usual life.

Don’t just wait ideally to see the end of this pandemic days. Do your research and bloom like a young flower when you step out!

Gina Thapa


The writer of this article is a passionate Travel Lover and Aesthetician by profession. Her only aspiration is to share experiences and knowledge with people through her writings.

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