Stop Using Essential oils! first Know these 7 facts of Aroma Therapy!

Let’s talk Essential oils of Aromatherapy Today!

Essential oils are the new eye-catcher in shopping websites. It’s eating up all the limelight these days but very few have a clear idea about these oils. Many people have known it as just oils and tried to use them as common oils while ending up having inflammation. So stop using Essential oils until you know these 7 facts!

  1. What are the essential oil and carrier oils?
  2. What is aromatherapy?
  3. How does it work?
  4. What are the different methods of using it?
  5. How to use this at home?
  6. Things to keep in mind before using essential oils at home
  7. Extra Tips

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are chemical compounds or simply aromatic liquid which are extracted from botanical objects in a very tough concentrated form though different chemical and mechanical processes so that the original goodness of the botanic remains intact.

These liquids are called ‘essentials’ in the sense of essence or fragrance. They are volatile in nature and do not mix with water. Though they are called oils, they are actually not oils but fine volatile liquids.

The reason behind calling it oil because they are hydrophobic like oils. They can be extracted from different parts of plants like flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, stems, and roots.

Being in the concentrated form they are very strong and should never be used neat else it can cause inflammation or burn. Always mix with a carrier oil in a good proportion for using essential oils.

What is Carrier oil?

In simple words, any vegetable oil is a carrier oil and has good therapeutic benefits as essential oils. These are extracted from the fatty portion of a plant.

Some examples are; Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Carrot oil, Evening primrose oil, Grapeseed oil, Hazelnut oil. It is used to dilute with essential oils to apply directly over the skin. 

NOTE: Carrier oils are not essential oils, they are used to dilute with essential oils. They are not concentrated or volatile or aromatic like essentials. Their only work is to get mixed with essential oils for easy application without getting harmed by the strength of essential oils.
Next time you buy any carrier or essential oil, make sure you know what you want from those oils.

What is Aromatherapy?

The treatment using scents (aroma) is called Aroma Therapy. The goodness of essential oils has therapeutic use as it gives Physical and Psychological benefits to the human body. It is scientifically said that a fragrance can affect a human brain and stimulate it to work in a certain way to affect body function.

These essential oils have been used in treatments since ancient times. It was founded more than 6000 years ago but not defined as Aromatherapy. In 1930, A French Chemist ‘Rene Maurice Gattefosenamed this therapeutic use of essential oils treatment as Aromatherapy. Having antiseptic benefits, it was also used in World War II for treating the injured army of France by their surgeon.

Later, a Bio-chemist Madame ‘Marguerite Maury upraised this aroma treatment as a holistic therapy and included in her massage inventions (In 1930). She believed, ‘by taking care of ourselves we can remain youthful in our attitude, energies, and beliefs.
By keeping our system clean and functioning effectively we can continue to enjoy more of what we had in our youth even with passing years’, (as explained in the book of Madame Marguerite Maury “The secret of Life and Youth”).

Following her footsteps, modern beauty industries have accepted the fact that aroma gives a beneficial effect on the human body, mind, and soul and implemented her theory into beauty therapies like Aroma body massage, aroma Facial, Aroma Manicure, Aroma Pedicure.

In aromatherapy, essential oils are used because oils have all goodness of their botanic source. It is considered to be a holistic treatment to treat skin and body impurities.


How does it work?

The scent of the essential oils gives a pleasant atmosphere to relax the body and mind. The application of this aromatic oil soothes irritations because of the therapeutic properties of origin botanic.

*Essential oils have fine volatile texture, so by intake it helps to enter the bloodstream and spread through every cell of the body. In this way, blood cells get boosted for healthy growth and healing.

*by inhaling the pleasant aroma of essential oils, it helps to stimulate the nerve cells that send a signal to the brain to trigger positive vibes and promotes psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

*Essential oils can be applied directly over the skin to treat different skin conditions. Different oil has different therapeutic benefits like;

Lavender: It is a powerful antiseptic and effective healer of burns. It can heal scars.

Tea tree: because of the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, it gives the best result on Acne and other Sebum related skin imperfections.

Eucalyptus: It is the most favorite medicinal herb of ancient times for healing wounds. It is good at muscular pain relief, infections, and a remedy to cough cold.

What are the different methods of using it?

Intake by Doctors Advice

Till now we have known that essential oils work with the brain and nerves. Therefore it can be taken as medicine if prescribed by your doctor. It is very effective for healing body scars, infections, and irritations. But you need to strictly follow prescribed quantities from the doctor because any mishandling or misuse can affect your body in an extremely negative way.

So don’t be your own doctor or follow advice from any random individual, other than your Physician.

Inhaling the essence:

Inhaling essential oils is very effective for its psychological and emotional benefits especially when you have stress, depression, fatigue, irritability, or hormonal issues.

The available forms of essential oils in the market are all set up for ready to use. But you should not inhale it directly without advice. Keep in mind if you want to inhale the essence, you need to seek advice from an aromatherapist for the proper amount of essential oils and carrier oil proportion.
Aroma oils are very strong and powerful, so they should never be used neatly. They must be properly diluted with other carrier oils.

On the other hand, you can check for ready to use diffuser oils and defuse it in a lamp for a pleasant and airborne germs free environment. That also helps in the same way of inhaling.

Application over the skin

Aromatherapy is the ritual of application of essential oils over the skin and defusing it for a pleasant and relaxing environment. Our modern beauty industries have formed different processes of usage of essential oils in Like Aroma Facials, Body Massage, Manicure, and pedicure.
These therapies are a holistic ritual of healing body, mind, and soul that also treats various skin imperfections at the same time.

Essential oils

Essential oils can be added into your daily skincare routine like in moisturizers and other treatment creams. But before you attempt this process you need to check for the aromatherapist or gain enough knowledge on usage instructions according to your skin type, condition, and your desire.

How to use this at home?

First, know your skin type and conditions from this link; Get 2 Know You Skin today!

Then know your intentions for using the essential oil. If you want to treat your skin topically, you need to choose the special oils that work best on skin treatments. If you want any emotional or physiological attention, you need to choose from the varieties of inhaling essential oils for diffusers.

Although any essential oil can be used in any method like inhaling or topical application. You must choose a specific method to get the best out of it.

For the 1st case scenario, below are the detailed discussions on the topical application of essential oils according to skin type and conditions;

For oily skin

Focusing on your sebum secretion drama and impurities, you can choose any of the below mentioned essential oils;

Tea tree oil

The antiseptic nature of tea tree oil is 100 times more than carbolic acid but in a harmless way. It gives a cooling effect on the skin that heals skin irritation or itching almost immediately.
It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties that are very useful in the treatment of Acne, Candida infection, itching, dandruff, and sunburn.

Proportions of usage: (for an approximate area of face canvas, you can increase as per the canvas requirement)

  • Mix 2 drop of tea tree essential oil with 5 ml of carrot seed /grape seed carrier oil/sweet Almond oil

Lemon Oil

The astringent and antiseptic properties of lemon oils work great for oily skin. This is very strong and one of the high note essential oils, hence do not expose to the sun for at least 6 hrs of application. Do not try to increase the quantity as it may cause cracked or chapped skin.

  • Use 2 drops of lemon oil with 5 ml of carrot seed /grape seed oil/sweet Almond oil


It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat oily skin issues including chilblains and frostbite.

  • Use 4 drops of geranium oil with 5 ml of carrot seed /grape seed oil/sweet Almond oil


The calming and soothing feature of this oil can relieve your inflammation from rashes, itching, or infections.

  • Mix 4 drop of chamomile oil with 5 ml of carrot seed /grape seed oil/sweet Almond oil


This oil helps to rebalance the sebum level of your skin. It is a powerful antiseptic and very effective healer of burns. It can also heal scars.

  • Use 4 drops of lavender oil with 5 ml of carrot seed /grape seed oil/sweet Almond oil

For Dry or Damaged or Aging skin:


It has anti-aging properties to deal with your dry or aging skin texture. It works as a detoxifier and helps to regenerate your skin health.

  • Mix 4 Drop of palmarosa oil with 5 ml of Jojoba /Avocado /sweet Almond /Kernel oil


Being a rebalancing nature it helps to boost the sebaceous gland and works for dry skin elasticity issues

  • Mix 4 drop of lavender oil with 5 ml of Jojoba /Avocado /sweet Almond /Kernel oil


Sandalwood is a well-known oil in our lives for its perfuming and embalming qualities. What we don’t know is, it has a very good performance in healing chapped or cracked skin.

  • Mix 2 drop of sandalwood oil with 5 ml of Jojoba /Avocado /sweet Almond /Kernel oil


Other than its romantic and exotic fragrance it is excellent as a skin softener for dry and sensitive skins.

  • Mix 5 Drop of Jasmine oil with 5 ml of Jojoba /Avocado /sweet Almond /Kernel oil


This oil is very good at maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It works amazingly at treating blemishes, dry, mature, and aging skin.

  • Use 2 Drop of Neroli oil with 5 ml of Jojoba /Avocado /sweet Almond /Kernel oil

For Combination skin:

Combination skin is all about an imbalance in the sebum secretion level on your skin. Any kind of essential oil which has rebalancing, antiseptic, and calming nature can be used for the application.

Essential oils for this skin type;

Ylang Ylang:

  • combine 5 drops of Ylang Ylang with 5 ml of Borage seed/Jojoba/ Hazelnut


  • Combine 4 drops with 5 ml of Borage seed/Jojoba/Hazelnut


  • mix 4 drops of Geranium with5 ml of Borage seed/Jojoba/ Hazelnut

For Sensitive skin


  • Mix 5 drops of neroli with 5 ml of Hazelnut/Jojoba/Peanut oil


  • Mix 5 drops of chamomile with 5 ml of Hazelnut/Jojoba/Peanut oil


  • Mix 5 drops of geranium with 5 ml of Hazelnut/Jojoba/Peanut oil 

For normal skin

Having its super balancing nature this skin type needs just to embrace the qualities. Any essential oils can be used for normal skin keeping adequate quantity in mind. Still, we can suggest these oils for enhancing the nature of normal skin;

Rose oil

  • Mix 5 drops of rose oil with 10 ml of Jojoba / Ylang Ylang/ Lavender/ Sandalwood

Neroli oil

  •  Mix 2 drops of Neroli oil with 10 ml of Jojoba / Ylang Ylang/ Lavender/ Sandalwood


  • Mix 5 drops of Chamomile oil with 10 ml of Jojoba / Ylang Ylang/ Lavender/ Sandalwood

For the 2nd case scenario, some very effective essential oils work best when they inhaled;

Any essential oil can be mixed with any carrier oil or any cold-pressed vegetable oils in case of using it as a diffuser.

  • Mix 5 drops of essential oil to mix with other oils and defuse it. Or you can also buy ready to use diffuser oils available in the market.

Aroma Diffuser lamp

Some good diffuser oils are:


  • Excellent as cough and cold expectorant. Helps to relieve tension and depression


  •  Fights infection and kills airborne germs. It has a cooling effect that also helps to relieve muscle pain.


  •  Although very expensive it has antiseptic, laxative, and rich flowery aroma that helps in dealing with grief, anger, and depression.


  •  Jasmine oils have a very relaxing, exotic, and romantic kind or scent. It gives a euphoric feeling. Good at dealing with irritability, fatigue, stress, etc.

Ylang Ylang

  •  This oil works on anxiety, insomnia because of its calming, sensual and aphrodisiac actions

Things to keep in mind before using essential oils at home:

  1. Do never use neat. Always dilute with a carrier oil
  2. Never apply on Childress and pregnant women, keep it away from them
  3. Always do a patch test before using it
  4. Do not store in plastic containers
  5. Do not use the same oil for more than 2 weeks
  6. Caffeine can reduce the efficiency of aroma oils.
  7. Do not wash your face immediately after applying; keep a gap of 2 hrs for better results.
  8. Stay away from sun exposure for at least 4-6 hrs especially if you are using Citrus oils.

Extra Tips

Aroma oils or essential oils can be used as hair care remedy too.

  • For Dandruff issues use this blends:

Essential oil: 5 drops Lavender/5 drops Rosemary/2 drops Tea tree/4 drops Eucalyptus.

Carrier oil: 5 ml of Sweet almond oil.

  • For hair fall issue:

Essential oil: 5 drops Chamomile/5 drops Palmarosa/5 drops Rose mary/2 Lemon.

Carrier oil: 5 ml of Sweet almond oil/ Jojoba/Evening primrose oil.

If you want to know about some parlor techniques that can help you stop aging click here!

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