Attention Girls! Focus on These Top 10 life saving health tips that every girl needs to know

Welcome beautiful heads!

Let’s know these top 10 life-saving health tips for girls!

Here we are today with our special piece of thought to convey the awareness about healthy living. There are things in this world that have never been showcased as the facts to be considered in our daily life routines.
I am sure you already know that a small thing or habit can alter your regular living life into healthy and safe living.

So girls, be smart to know these health tips and lead your life with a pro attitude.

1. Carry your Pee-mate everywhere you go, girls!

Who doesn’t want to avoid dirty, wet, and unhygienic toilet seats? Yah! Every girl! For that, you need to carry your very own disposable urinary device everywhere you go especially when you are traveling. It is a great life-changing habit for girls and this invention has made a woman’s life easier. 

pee buddy

 These are easily available in the market and have few options too, for picking according to your convenience. But, I would recommend you to choose something that can prevent you from sitting in the toilet seats. That’s the best option to stay away from bacterial infections. Also, you can use any public toilet without thinking of getting infected.
 You can click here to know more about those amazing pee-mates

Panty Liners are a lifesaver for girls:

Hey, don’t freak out if you tend to get a little wet in that area caused by any reason. These tiny sized pads are going to save you from wet and stinky private parts. Small in size and you can carry it everywhere you go and everything you wear. 

Use it on those special days of the month when you have the possibility of getting wet. Or you can also make it a regular habit as it is very lightweight and breathable.

So girls contribute a little to your hygiene and feel fresh, dry, and energetic all day long. You can also click here to check various panty liners available in the market

Intimate washes are not for regular use:

Girls, this is high time you should know the true facts. An intimate wash is not entirely okay to use on a regular basis. Our body has its own natural mechanism to clean that area without getting unsafe.
It has all that it requires to be clean and pH balanced. So you do not need any product for keeping it clean. Plain water does all the work. 

Now people will think why do you even need this? What to do with the product? 

Well, you can use these as antibacterial cleansers. Use it when you really need it. I may not have to explain those days when you feel like you need more than just water.
Born a girl, you already have those days on your monthly cycle (Maybe before or after periods) when you feel uncomfortable with stink and irritations. That’s the proper time to use intimate cleansers and you will be amazed by the effect. Or you can also use it on your #special days.

Avoid the snooze button 

Yah! You have read it correctly. You may have seen to suggest people never avoid your snooze button, never break the rule of your routine but it works as a lifesaver when you are too much exhausted and drained. We all know work is the topmost priority to run our lives.

But your mind and body need more attention than your work to live life happily. So, respond to the call of your body-mind & Soul and take rest, take a deep sleep then rise like a star to shine.
You do not have to think about taking a little break once in a while with your routine task.

snooze morning alarm


 Never drink Warm lime water on an empty stomach in the morning:

Many people have considered this ritual as a fat cutter. You need to know that there are 2 different processes of drinking a fat cutter shot.

Never drink warm water and lime juice together as it may work a disaster for your stomach acids and cause heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing. All I want to say is guys, do-drink -fat -cutters but in a healthy way.

You can always drink warm water added with a little bit of honey OR you can drink a glass of water (room temp) mixed with lime juice.

Get the body of your desire but do not make it uncomfortable for your system girls. 

Coffee or Tea in the morning or empty stomach:

 The very common tradition of people is to grab a cup of Tea or Coffee before starting their day. Friends we all know that Coffee and Tea has a very effective usage in our daily life.
It is a lifesaver for prolonged working hours. Still, the fact of drinking coffee or tea in an empty stomach is a wreck for your health.

It damages your stomach linings. It can cause you indigestion and anxiety. So never grab those cups in the morning to energize your day. It may save your day but not your health.

 Cover your body as much as you can, especially on summer day outs:

The fashion trend lovers would never agree with this concept but if you want no tan or less damage to your skin from harmful sun rays, then just protect yourself by covering it up. Arrange your closet as per your fashion and skin needs, keeping in mind that any harm will cause you a great loss of money and skin too.

Skin treatments are very expensive nowadays girls. Sunscreen is not enough to protect your whole body from damage.
So better you prevent yourself from getting free radicals and other impurities due to sun exposure. You can always show your skin with highly fashionable outfits when the sun goes down.

Do not wash your face too frequently:

Teenagers have this tend to wash their faces too frequently without any reason. So, girls, this is your thing to know, you are not going to get fairer skin by washing your face several times, besides you are just harshly harming your skin.
The skin is acidic and by washing it off frequently you are tempering your pH level. And sweethearts, this is one of the reasons that you have those creepy pimples over your face.
I am sure, you do not want to invite bacteria to spread family over your skin, so let’s make it twice a day routine and get bloomed.

 Start your Vitamin D supplements to stay happy:

Ladies, if you are already 30, start taking your Vitamin D supplements today. It is very well known as ‘Happy Hormone’ beside the main role of calcium absorption. This supplement helps to release ‘serotonin’ hormone which works as a happy mood maker. So, take your vitamin D partner to hook with a happy mood and happy bone as well.

Always follow your instinct:

Try to listen to your gut feeling! You have been blessed with this ability to understand something without any materialistic proofs.

You have got this since the day you were decided to be a ‘Girl’ in the womb of your mother. God has created all women with the empowerment of correct instincts that are four times accurate than men’s gut.

If there were times that you got confused between right and wrong or maybe you were thinking that it was wrong because of the materialistic reasons created by others, then darling you need to shove that obstacle and just go with your instinct. That can lead you to walk away from the wrong path. Be your own ‘Hero’ to rescue yourself.

Girls you need to call 112

You should take the Emergency response number a little more seriously. 112 has been launched as a single helpline number for Pan-India. This can be a lifesaver in a time of emergency. Besides, your mobile has all the required setup to dial 112 without having a SIM card or mobile services.

emergency number

If you do not know what number you have to call for a particular emergency need, just Dial 112. A single dial of 112 and you will get immediate assistance services from the police (100), fire (101), health (108), and women (1090).

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