5 Reason for Uninstall Tiktok “High Chances”: You Should Know

TikTok is a short app that allows you to create various exciting videos. Tiktok captures memorable moments and becomes laughing stock with different emojis.

What is TikTok

TikTok is not your ordinary destination for short-form mobile video. We make it easy for you to discover and make your own awesome videos by capturing funny and memorable moments to share with the world. Take your videos to the next level with special effects filters, fun stickers, music, and more. Life’s moving fast, so make every second count and show the world what you got!

It is one of the multiple avenues the Chinese government can use to manage public narratives and disseminate propaganda. In short, it’s best just to delete the app. However, deleting TikTok doesn’t mean you’re safe from foreign influence campaigns and efforts to steal your own personal information.

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5 Reason for uninstalling Tiktok –
  1. Chinese app
  2. Not secure
  3. Spying
  4. Encouraging pornography and other illicit content
  5. Expose children to sexual predators

Chinese app

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. The app was originally launched as Douyin in 2016 for the Chinese audience. In 2017, it was launched into the overseas market under the name Tiktok. So, yes Tiktok a.k.a. Douyin is a Chinese app.

5 Reason for Uninstall Tiktok "High Chances": You Should Know DailyMagnet

No Secure

The narrative goes something like this: TikTok is a company incorporated within China; the Chinese government pervasively surveils within its borders and can get access to company-held data on a whim; thus, TikTok’s potential collection of information on U.S. citizens is a security risk.

5 Reason for Uninstall Tiktok "High Chances": You Should Know DailyMagnet


TikTok has been accused of secretly gathering “vast quantities” of user data and sending it to servers in China. A class-action lawsuit in the US claims the popular video-sharing app comes pre-installed with “Chinese surveillance software” that violates privacy, data, and consumer protection laws.

5 Reason for Uninstall Tiktok "High Chances": You Should Know DailyMagnet

Encouraging pornography and other illicit content

It is owned by a firm in China — a country known for surreptitious harvesting of personal data and infamous globally for data espionage through its tech firms. TikTok, too, has been the subject of a class-action lawsuit filed in the US where it has been accused of “illegally and secretly harvesting vast amounts of personally identifiable user data and sending it to China.”

This app was briefly banned in India last year for encouraging pornography and making underage users vulnerable to sexual predators. Since this app is used mostly by millennials, this is an area of particular concern. Third, despite being once rapped on the knuckles, TikTok’s enforcement of community guidelines remains suspect. It has courted controversy of late and its ‘app rating’ has also taken a severe beating after a spate of disturbing videos emerged in the public sphere where users were seen creating and distributing content that mocked at, normalized or even glorified rape, sexual assaults and acid attacks on women, violence, animal abuse, sexualized representation of children, terrorism, religious conversion of Hindus and a lot of other disgusting imagery.

5 Reason for Uninstall Tiktok "High Chances": You Should Know DailyMagnet

Expose children to sexual predators

It meticulously removes all references and opinions that it deems are detrimental to Chinese national interest but has little regulatory or censorship control over pornographic, violent, or child-abuse content.

It was accused of exposing children to sexual predators and pornographic content. However, despite the flaks that the app had drawn, there was no reduction in the number of users. The rather addictive app continued to attract more and more users every day and the numbers went up like never before.

The TikTok app doesn’t allow children under 13 years to use it but it was found out that the majority of young users were surprisingly under thirteen. Children’s obsession with the app became a major cause of concern for the parents.

5 Reason for Uninstall Tiktok "High Chances": You Should Know DailyMagnet

Why TikTok rating is going down

Their rating on the Google App Store has dropped from 4.6 to 1.6 in the past week following the recent internet battle with video platform TickTock, one of India’s most influential YouTubers.
It all started when TikTok creator Amir Siddiqui posted a video on Instagram calling out YouTubers. In his video, Amir Siddiqui accused YouTubers of plagiarizing TikTok content and losing out on brand endorsements. Popular roaster Ajey Nagar, known as CarryMinati, lashed out against Amir Siddiqui’s video on YouTube, which was later taken down for violating the platform’s terms of service. The video that registered millions of views was expletive-laden.

After his video was deleted on YouTube, his fans started a trend #RoastNahiFryKarunga and #BanTikTok on Twitter.

5 Reason for Uninstall Tiktok "High Chances": You Should Know DailyMagnet 5 Reason for Uninstall Tiktok "High Chances": You Should Know DailyMagnet


For these reasons, if you think that this one is suitable for you, then you can definitely put it on your phone and stay with those who want to do what China wants through this app with this app.

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