Aarogya Setu App- Everything you need to know

Aarogya Setu App has been revealed by the Government of India, which is designed to warn the user if they have been in close proximity of a COVID-19 positive person. The app was developed via a public-private partnership under the aegis of National Informatics Centre (NIC) by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEiTY). This app will augment the initiatives of the Department of Health to contain the risks of COVID-19, and sharing the best practices and advisories

This is a tracking app which uses smartphone’s GPS and Bluetooth features to track the coronavirus infection. Aarogya Setu app is available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Using Bluetooth technology, the Aarogya Setu app tries to determine the risk if one has been near a Covid-19 infected person (within six feet of distance) by scanning through a database of known cases across India, and using location information it determines the location one is in belongs to the infected areas based on the data available.

How to Use:

  1. Android and iOS users can download the app from Play Store and App Store.
  2. Once installed, open the app and chose the language you are comfortable in.
  3. Go through the information screen and accept the app permissions.
  4. Make sure you keep the location to ‘Always’ and switch on the Bluetooth.
  5. Enter your phone number in the field and enter the OTP to confirm the number.
  6. Fill in personal details like your gender, full name, age, profession and if you have travelled outside India in the last 30 days. Some other questions regarding health are also asked including a 20 second Self-Assessment Test. You can take it later as well.
  7. That’s it. The app shows you all the safety measures that one can take along with the PM CARES account number where interested ones can donate.

This app is an updated version of an earlier app called Corona Kavach (now discontinued) which was already released by the Government of India[5] Aarogya Setu crossed five million downloads within the three days of its launch, making it one of the most popular government apps in India

The Aarogya app puts privacy and promises to share your data (location and health) with the government only and is available in 11 languages. (English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati, and Marathi) and expected to be available in more Indian languages soon.

More information news, search here.

You can download form here: mygov.in, Android and iOS.

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