Addicted by smartphones? These apps can reduce addiction

The world is becoming more and more addicted to smartphones, which is practically a problem to all of us. Google has come up with a number of experimental apps to overcome this problem. These are Post Box, We Flip, Desert Island and Morph.

Now, people cannot live a moment without the phone. As phones become an integral part of our lives, Google is doubling down on its digital wellbeing efforts by launching Digital Wellbeing Experiments. The company says these experiments are aimed at encouraging developers and designers to build digital wellbeing tools in their products and services.

Post Box:
When a notification comes, then automatically our eye goes on the phone. Using this app will stop continuing notification. Post Box wants to schedule notifications for you so that your distractions are minimized. On Post Box you can schedule when you wish to receive notifications. It delivers up to 4 times each day. You can simply choose how often you would like your notifications to be delivered and when they arrive, they will be neatly organised.

We Flip:
Meet with friends after a long time? But still the eyes are repeatedly on the phone. Then use this app. This app aims to help people disconnect with their phones when they are sitting in a group. The idea is simple. When all the phones with the We Flip app are in vicinity they are connected to each other via the nearby permission.

Desert Island:
If you are using too many app on the phone, then this app is right choice for you. Desert Island lets users choose only the essential apps. Users can pick up to seven essential apps. After 24 hours they can see if they can stick to using the essential apps without accessing other apps on their smartphone.

Morph app helps users divide their day by arranging apps according to their use. Work apps go under the work folder and similarly travel apps go under the travel folder. Doing so will make your phone automatically adapt and give you the apps based on the time or place.

You can download from here: Post Box, We Flip, Desert Island and Morph.

More information, you can search here.

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