Top 5 Best Decathlon trekking shoes for Men @ 2020

Let’s talk about Decathlon Trekking shoes for Men that too on a low budget!

Trekking shoe is completely different from your ordinary running or sports shoes. There is a lot of specification in the shoe that assists you with crawling various types of landscape, climate, and backing your feet and lower leg while you walk. It can break or make your journey.

Trekking shoes are one of the crucial equipment for hiking in Indian pinnacles you ought to in like manner be certain that they’re an ideal fit before you get hitched.

What are the factors of selecting a trekking shoe? 

The first thing you ought to know is, decathlon trekking shoes are so within the limelight than the other brands available within the market due to their brand value and customer satisfaction records.
it’s the foremost trustable brand for shoes. Their specialties/ technicalities of creating a boot are the factors that encourage people to seek out no more other brands?

Let’s check these criteria where we’ve summarized the necessary features of a trekking shoe.

Criteria No.1

Durability & Pricing: As we all know, trekking or hiking shoes are not so pocket friendly. Once you buy a shoe you would surely like to use them for longer as you can.

Criteria No.2

Weather & Waterproof:

There are opportunities for ways to categorize the shoe-put on that works for each climate. Whether you are into sunny days only, or bent revel in nature no matter the conditions, recall those features:

For snow or rain: ensure you’re searching out footwear which is water-proof footwear to take away the chances of having ft moist mid-hike.

If you hike in climate conditions (sunny skies, warm), ensure to appear for breathability. For all-climate kinds of conditions.

Criteria No.3

Grip and Motion help:

When you’re hiking inside the mountains, you’ll like a couple of footwear that will offer you help on the ankle. Therefore, purchase footwear that helps your ankle.
A shoe with great grip will have mud, slush, soil stalling out in its furrows. That is an indication of profound depressions that are grasping on the mud. Ensure your shoes have profound furrows and a decent grasp.

Criteria No.4


If your hike is a smaller span than three hours, footwear with heel cushioning could be satisfactory. But for hiking for over three hours, you’ll want footwear that offers complete cushioning.

Criteria No.5


An excellent healthy way more help on ft, heels, toes, and ankle. You want to test all of those checkpoints earlier than shopping for any brand’s footwear.

Now, why you Should choose Decathlon trekking shoes for men?

  1. One of the best reasons for choosing Decathlon trekking shoes is, they are made with fantastically long-lasting substances and assemblies and additionally healthy the inexperienced persons pin money, this is often why it’ll accompany you for the end of the time.
  2. Why Decathlon: Shoes are crafted from a waterproof and breathable membrane for all-spherical use altogether the conditions.
  3. This hiking Shoes are manufactured from CROSS CONTACT sole for a much higher grip and traction on difficult and moist ground. Our footwear is crafted from a flexible sole that helps the movement of the foot.
  4. Decathlon has the gathering of all of the long-lasting and high-overall performance PU midsole to deliver you with remarkable cushioning.
  5. Decathlon looks after all the required checkpoints and offers a few greater help for more fittings footwear. For a maximum of the designed Decathlon footwear accompany 2 higher hooks and 1 blocker hook for the added area for your feet

And, for your help, we have also summarized some amazing decathlon trekking shoes that are specially designed for men feet

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for men 1

Men’s Hiking Shoes (Mid Ankle) MH100 Waterproof – Grey/Orange

Top 5 Best Decathlon trekking shoes for Men @ 2020 DailyMagnet

Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

Waterproofing: Waterproof membrane tested on 8km walk in water up to the mid-point of the upper

Cushioning: It has full-length cushioning made with EVA midsole

Grip & Traction: The reason being the most popular model is the lower made with a rubber sole with excellent grip on dry and muddy terrain also comes with an impact protection stone guard to protect the toe area and mid-height upper to support the ankle.

Lightweight:  It is only 440g per shoe for size 8.

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for Men 2

Men’s Hiking Shoes NH100 (Mid Ankle) – Black

decathlon trekking shoes for men

Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

Waterproofing: Not a waterproof shoe but has good water resistance features and a lower price tag

Cushioning: Comes with heel cushioning from a 6mm EVA pad that very much compatible with off-road trails.

Grip & Traction: Comes with TPR sole with 3.5mm studs designed for off-road trails and A mid-height upper to help prevent small stones and twigs getting into the boot. Also, it has a synthetic stone guard at the forefoot to protect you from stones and twigs getting into the boot.

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for Men 3

Men’s Warm Mid Snow Hiking Shoes SH120 – Grey

Top 5 Best Decathlon trekking shoes for Men @ 2020 DailyMagnet

Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

Waterproof: Breathable, waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry in winter hikes.

Warmth: Comfortable temperature measured in static mode: -5°C. in dynamic mode: -14°C

Snow Grip & Traction: made with SNOWCONTACT technology for snowy trails and also thanks to the positioning and depth of 4 mm crampons.

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for Men 4

Men’s Hiking Shoes WATERPROOF (Mid Ankle) NH150 – Black

Top 5 Best Decathlon trekking shoes for Men @ 2020 DailyMagnet

Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

Waterproof: Breathable and waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry for almost  2 hours.

Grip & Traction: Synthetic stone guard at the front of the foot to protect you from stones. Made with CrossContact sole with 4 mm cleats for off-road trails. Also “Mid” upper with lacing on the top of the upper for good support.

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for Men 5

Men’s Warm Waterproof Snow Walking Shoes – SH100 U-WARM – High

Top 5 Best Decathlon trekking shoes for Men @ 2020 DailyMagnet

Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

Waterproof: Breathable and waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry under snow cover

Warmth: Comfort temperature – when stationary: -11°C. when moving: -20°C

Grip & Traction: Traction on snow thanks to the location and depth of the 3 mm studs and SNOWCONTACT technology will make your traction powerful.

Some useful tips before you buy any pair

  • Always check the boot by wearing, standing up, with the socks worn for hiking. If necessary you should also try several models and various sizes.
  • Never hesitate to walk across the store to check your comfort level.
  • Always buy trekking shoes one size larger than your normal size. Without the additional space, you’d develop shoe bites thanks to the constant rubbing of the toe against the shoe wall. But you should get additional room for your woolen socks (especially for the winter treks).

Tips to take care of your shoes

  • Use a brush to clean the boot and remove any dirt or mud
  • Always brush in the same direction
  • Do not Wet Wash your boots

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