Some Survival Tricks That Might Save Your Life

Some survival tricks that might save your life one day. No matter how hopeless the situation might seem there’s always a smart way out. Find out how to save yourself. Here are some,

Trap under an avalanche:

Your spitting can help you out from the avalanche. At first, you have to stop moving, and then make a little hole around your face. Now spit in the air pocket and see where gravity carries saliva. Then start making your way out by digging in the opposite direction.

A sign of a tsunami:

If you are on the beach, suddenly notice that the water recedes quickly and unexpectedly from a beach exposing the ocean floor. You should warn everyone around and get away as fast as you can. Because when the water line is abnormally far from the shore this is a sign of a tsunami.

Black bear is chasing you:

If a black bear chasing you, remember that you shouldn’t turn your back on this animal or try to run. Either of these actions can make them hostile. Now your best action is to lie flat on your stomach to protect your organs and crossing your hands behind your neck to Guard your arteries. This attitude can convince the bear you don’t pose any threat also don’t climb a tree. They do it better than you.

You are in a fire:

If you are caught in a fire, keep low to the ground. Because the greatest threat comes not from the fire itself, but the smoke since it’s lighter than air it goes up. So you should stay close to the floor as possible to avoid breathing it in.

In a sinking vehicle:

If you are in a sinking vehicle, you’ll probably try to just open the door. But water pressure won’t let you. You can do it only when the car is filled with water and the pressure equalizes. Now first thing you can do, break the window but do it the right way, hit window not in the center but on the edges. If you manage to remove the headrest from the seat then use it to break the glass.

Your hand tied by a cable tie:

If someone is keeping you against your will and your hands are by a cable tie. At first, untie your shoelaces slip, one of them though the cable tie loop and then secure it to the other shoelace tightly. Now keeping your hands close to your chest, kick both legs as if you’re cycling. The friction created by these movements should make the cable tie snap.

Kick the door:

If in an emergency you need get through a looked door, you need to kick hard right next to the handle near the lock and avoid using their shoulders or back. The lock will break more easily.

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