Big News! 6 New Updates for WhatsApp : You should Know

Many things have been updated on WhatsApp, many people know that Dark Mode, Group Video Chat, these things have been updated, new features will be added, it is easy to open your WhatsApp account from one mobile to different devices. Towards the end, this feature will be updated in 2020.
 These features have been updated so far in 2020 -
  1. Dark mode
  2. Fingerprint or face unlock
  3. Group video call (8 people)
  4. Expiring/Self Destructing Messages.
  5. Search Messages on the Web.
  6. Status Video to 15 Seconds.

Hopefully, things that have been updated on the phone will take time to update to the web version or laptop or desktop but will be updated.

Big News! 6 New Updates for WhatsApp : You should Know DailyMagnet

Group Video Call Support
The COVID – 19 epidemic means that many of us are losing workmates and family. People around the world are making more voice and video calls on WhatsApp than ever before, and our users have been told to stay in touch with more people from WhatsApp right now.

Eight little WhatsApp video calls doubled the number of participants In the last month before the epidemic in a common way people above spent about 15 billion minutes talking on WhatsApp every day and according to the text, all these secure WhatsApp groups calling including Cochrane is made available to more users including people of the nation we know This is why WhatsApp users are here to stay. Atasaayapa to call all participants to take part in the new superior of the Android phones have been asked to update the latest version of WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has been around since 2009. It has been 10 years since 2019. Many things have been updated and will be updated in the future and billions of people are using WhatsApp and WhatsApp for business.
It’s the latest update was group video chat in which the four of us could only video chat but according to the new update we can now connect people to group video chat so this is the newest feature. Multiple devices can be opened on a single phone number, i.e. this means that if you have a single account on WhatsApp, then the account can be logged into multiple devices, that is, with different norms. The only advantage is that you can log in to different sections from one account very easily and very quickly. The problem would be that the problem would be reduced a lot and could be used a lot faster WhatsApp.

whatsapp update log in other devices

2020 New Features

It has been working on the multi-device tablet and smartphone for a long time, allowing it to start at the beginning of the New Year.
The beta version shared a screenshot asking you to log in to the new device on the login page and using the app to speed up WiFi and since it can be very heavy to use, logging in without WiFi can be a lot slower. Initially, the device connects to the Internet with two devices in one device another to interconnect devices and it is now testing-purpose use.

Big News! 6 New Updates for WhatsApp : You should Know DailyMagnet

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Phones were used in the Android version and iOS version but there are many users. There is a big screen or web version. WhatsApp is released in the web version for the convenience of using the web version. From there the web version video sharing and message pending options are introduced. They have not been updated yet, so they will be updated there who will be the next in the uploading all the work could be done.

In this screenshot, the application advises the user to transfer to WiFi as it can be very heavy to use. In short, it could log in without WiFi and use a large amount of your data plan.

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