Top 5 Best Decathlon trekking shoes for ladies @ 2020 India

Do you want to know everything about Decathlon trekking shoes?

OR, you’re only trying to find information on trekking shoes, search no more. In this article, we are going to discuss every important sector of buying a pair of trekking shoes. This guide is everything you would like to know about the best ways to choose a shoe.

Why trekking shoes are important?

Trekking shoes are extremely different from your normal sports shoes. 

 There are tons of features within the shoe that assist you to get through different sorts of terrain, weather, and support your feet and ankle while you walk. You would be carrying around 7kg+ rucksack bag more or less for a week-long journey. Thus the need for a trekking shoe comes in the first place. Trekkings shoes are a grade above hiking shoes. They are usually created with good ankle support to make your journey easy.

What are the factors of choosing a shoe? And why you should choose Decathlon trekking shoes?

The first thing you should know is, decathlon trekking shoes are so in the limelight than any other brands available in the market because of their brand value and customer satisfaction records. It is the most trustable brand for shoes. Their specialties/ technicalities of making a boot are the factors that encourage people to find no more other brands?

Let’s check these criteria where we have summarized the need and existence of trekking shoe features.

Criteria No.1

Durability & Pricing: As we all know, trekking or hiking shoes are not so pocket friendly. Once you buy a shoe you would definitely like to use them for longer as you can.

Why Decathlon: Decathlon trekking shoes are made with highly durable materials and assemblies and also fit the newbies pocket money, this is often why it’ll accompany you for the end of the time.

Criteria No.2

Weather & Waterproof: 

There are alternative ways to categorize the shoe-wear that works for every weather. Whether you’re into sunny days only, or bent enjoy nature no matter the conditions, consider these features:

For snow or rain:  make sure you are looking for shoes that are waterproof shoes to eliminate the probabilities of getting feet wet mid-hike.

If you hike in weather conditions (sunny skies, warm), make certain to seem for breathability. For all-weather types of conditions.

Why Decathlon: Shoes are made from a waterproof and breathable membrane for all-round use altogether the conditions.

Criteria No.3

Grip and Motion support:

When you’re trekking within the mountains, you would like a pair of shoes that will provide you support at the ankle. Therefore, buy shoes that support your ankle.

Why Decathlon:

 These trekking shoes are made of CROSS CONTACT sole for a far better grip and traction on hard and wet ground. These shoes are made from a versatile sole that supports the motion of the foot.

Criteria No.4


If your hike is a smaller span than 3 hours, shoes with heel cushioning will be satisfactory. But for trekking for over 3 hours, you’ll need shoes that provide full cushioning.

Why Decathlon

Decathlon has the collection of all the durable and high-performance PU midsole to supply you with great cushioning.

Criteria No.5

Fit: A good fit means greater support on feet, heels, toes, and ankle. You need to check all of these checkpoints before buying any brand’s shoes.

Why Decathlon:

Decathlon takes care of all of the required checkpoints and gives some extra support for greater fittings shoes. For most of the designed Decathlon shoes accompany 2 upper hooks and 1 blocker hook for extra space on your feet.

Some amazing decathlon trekking shoes that are specially designed for lady trekkers.

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for ladies 1

QUECHUA Women’s Warm Waterproof Snow Hiking Shoes – SH100 WARM MID

decathlon trekking shoes for ladies

Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

If you are a newbie on snowy trails these shoes are ideal on packed snow for occasional hikes. 

Warmth: Fully Comfort temperature whilst stationary: -1°C, – whilst moving: -12°C

Grip: Grip with SNOWCONTACT technology substances and tread samples of the soles.

Traction: Traction on snow thanks to the vicinity and intensity of the 3 mm studs.

Breathability: footwear for many desirable thermal consolation thanks to the very fact your shoe desires this membrane which prevents water ingress and that we could damp out.

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for ladies 2

QUECHUA Women’s Hiking Shoes (WATERPROOF) MH100

Top 5 Best Decathlon trekking shoes for ladies @ 2020 India DailyMagnet

Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

Impact protection: Durable rubber protects at the front of the foot to defend the toes.

Traction: Excellent grip way to the rubber sole with 5mm gripping cleats.

Waterproof: The waterproof & breathable membrane lining on your toes remains dry for three hours in all weather.

Cushioning: Cushioning the entire length of the foot effect of an EVA midsole

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for ladies 3

QUECHUA Women’s Snow Boots SH500 (X-Warm)

Top 5 Best Decathlon trekking shoes for ladies @ 2020 India DailyMagnet

Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

Warmth: stationary: -5°C, in dynamics: -18°C.

Waterproof: These waterproof and warm shoes will provide you with a very good hold for snowshoeing.

Grip: 4 mm lugged rubber sole for good grip to hike on snow.

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for ladies 4

FORCLAZ Women’s Mountain Trekking Boots TREK100



Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

Comfort: comfortable and lightweight hiking boots, designed to guarantee excellent foot motion.

Waterproof: Waterproof and breathable membrane for all-round use in every whatever conditions you trek.

Foot motion: Flexible sole that supports the motion of the foot which helps you to cope up with the terrain.

Fittings: 2 top hooks and 1 blocking hook for good ankle support

Weight: 502 g per shoe in size 39

Decathlon Trekking Shoes for ladies 5

QUECHUA Women’s warm waterproof MID snow hiking socks – SH520 X-WARM

Top 5 Best Decathlon trekking shoes for ladies @ 2020 India DailyMagnet

Check for the price here

Highlighting features:

Warmth: when stationary: -4°C, – when moving: -16°C.

Waterproof: Waterproof and breathable membrane keeps your feet safe from waterlogging and humidifying

Cushioning: Excellent Cushioning on the entire length of the foot effect of an EVA midsole.

Traction: Traction on snow thanks to the position and depth of the 5 mm studs.

Some useful tips before you buy any pair

  • Always check the boot by wearing, standing up, with the socks worn for hiking. If necessary you should also try several models and various sizes.
  • Never hesitate to walk across the store to check your comfort level.
  • Always buy trekking shoes one size larger than your normal size. Without the additional space, you’d develop shoe bites thanks to the constant rubbing of the toe against the shoe wall. But you should get additional room for your woolen socks (especially for the winter treks).

Tips to take care of your shoes

  • Use a brush to clean the boot and remove any dirt or mud.
  • Always brush in the same direction
  • Do not Wet Wash your boots

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