Corona Sandesh! Kolkata sweet shop comes up with Corona Sandesh

A sweet shop in Kolkata brought a new avatar of the dreaded coronavirus and named it Corona Sandesh and Corona Cake. The shop made headlines on April 6 for selling sweets shaped in the form of the novel coronavirus.

Several varieties of Sandesh, a popular sweet prepared in West Bengal, were created in the shape of the virus and placed on a tray in the shop for sale. The Sandesh and cake, both shaped like the novel coronavirus, are prominently displayed alongside other sweets in the retail chain’s outlets.

But there is one important difference. “Corona Sandesh is not for sale. It is for -to spread awareness about the deadly Covid-19 disease declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation.” said an official of Hindustan Sweets at its headquarters in south Kolkata’s Jadavpur.

A picture of the Corona Sandesh was posted on Twitter by a user, Preeti Bhattacharya, on Monday and is being circulated across social media.

The West Bengal government, last week, said that sweet shops can remain open for four hours every day amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. The announcement was made days after the apex body of sweetmeat outlets expressed their concern over wastage of milk and jobless staff.

“Sweetmeat shops may remain open during the (lockdown) period from 12 noon to 4 pm each day with the minimum number of staff only for take away and packed items,” a government order said, as per news agency PTI.
The chain is known for its tradition of producing sweets christened after big happenings. During the India-Bangladesh pink ball Test at the Eden Gardens last November, the chain’s Pink Ball sandesh had sold like hot cakes. But this time the chain has been guided not by any profit motive, but by a desire to spread consciousness about the raging infection which has claimed more than a hundred lives in India, and over 70,000 globally.

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