earn money online for blogging

5 Easy Tips earn money online for blogging

Earn money Online For Blogging Making a living has typically been related to and restricted to traditional ‘offline’ direction. With

best Google Chrome Extensions

Best 5 Google Chrome Extension You should Help

Extensions are made of different, but cohesive, components. Components can include background scripts, content scripts, an options page, UI elements

5 reason to uninstall the tiktok

5 Reason for Uninstall Tiktok “High Chances”: You Should Know

TikTok is a short app that allows you to create various exciting videos. Tiktok captures memorable moments and becomes laughing

whats app multiple devices update

Big News! 6 New Updates for WhatsApp : You should Know

Many things have been updated on WhatsApp, many people know that Dark Mode, Group Video Chat, these things have been

WhatsApp IFCN

WhatsApp can Identify Fake Coronavirus News Messages

WhatsApp constantly keeps updating its app to provide its users with a smooth messaging experience. But what adds to the

Whatsapp Group Video Call

WhatsApp group video call

WhatsApp recently release their group call features, now you can include up to eight people instead of just four. In

Facebook gaming

Facebook launches gaming streaming app on Android

Facebook launches a dedicated gaming app to take on Twitch and YouTube; where people will be able to create and

TikTok Family Pairing

TikTok Family Pairing: Parents can control their kids’ TikTok accounts

TikTok has introduced a new feature ‘TikTok Family Pairing’ that would let parents set restrictions on their kids’ accounts. The

facebook dating

Facebook launches his dating app

Facebook launches his new dating app on the Apple Store and is calling it Tuned. Now through this app couples

messenger on desktop

Facebook Messenger launches a new desktop app

Facebook has launched its Messenger app to desktop, so you can video chat on a bigger screen. A move that

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock security feature

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock security feature on Android

WhatsApp has finally launched a fingerprint lock feature for Android without needing any third-party app. Now you can lock your

Can You Spot the Leopard

Can You Spot the Leopard in this pic

Yes, there’s a leopard in this picture. Can you spot it? A photograph that has gone viral on social media