Discord introduces a new update: Folder Features

Finally, Discord has launches a cool update with folder feature. Before this update folder features, if you are a member of many Discord servers and who spend time on a lot of different servers, you have the list dozens of servers in your left side of Discord.

But, after the announcement of the feature you can organise your dozens of server in several type of folders. It’s very simple really; Servers can be dragged and dropped into folders that can be renamed and colour-coded, notifications can be dismissed by folder, and you can put folders together in groups as you see fit.

And thatโ€™s all. It’s a small and simple thing, but sometimes the best and most useful features are the small, simple.

About Discord

Discord is an online voice and text chat application for online multiplayer gamers. If you are a gamer, you can chat and talk to your gaming partners in real-time while playing the online multiplayer games, be it online or over your local network. In my own experience says that its way better chat options than the other application. What you have to do? You only need to log in, add your friends, join a chat server, and start chatting with your friends. You can also use the invitation code to invite more friends.

You can able to log in and download in Discord from here.

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