Instagram Music now available in India

Facebook-owned Instagram has started rolling out a new feature called Instagram Music. It is now rolling out for users in India. Instagram Music can be found in the stickers drawer.

The functionality of Instagram Music can help users tag song lyrics and snippets to their Instagram stories. The feature was previously rolled out in the US in June 2018, but has made its way to India only now.

If you are wanted to use this features, you have to update your Instagram app to the latest version (v110. You can check this in the app’s description in the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Then, open Stories and tap on the ‘Sticker’ tab. Here, you’ll find the Music feature. If you still don’t see it, force close the app and open it. Instagram Music will be then visible on the app.

Instagram Music now available in India DailyMagnet
Next open the app, swipe right and create a new story by clicking a picture or tapping on ‘Create’ to make a new text story. Once you’re done with that, you’re required to swipe up or tap on the sticker icon. You will then find a new icon that reads ‘Music’.

Users can browse songs based on moods like romantic, fun, upbeat and dreamy. Genres like Hindi, Punjabi, rock, hip hop are also available. At the same time, users can also search for songs and select from the search results.

According to livemint, the feature is not just restricted to Instagram—it is also available on Facebook. To check it out, create a new post with an image or video on Facebook. You can then tap on ‘Edit’ icon hovering on the bottom left corner of the media you have chosen. Then tap on stickers and there you should find an icon called ‘Music’. This works the same way as Instagram Music.

Facebook, in March this year, announced a partnership with Indian labels including T-Series Music, Zee Music Company and Yash Raj Films. Facebook at the time promised its users that it would let them include their favourite music in videos, messages, posts, stories and other creative content. The year-long wait for the arrival of Instagram Music in India seems to be due to this reason.

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