Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account hacked

Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey has account hacked on Friday afternoon by a group referring to itself as the Chuckling Squad and was in hands of hackers for around 20 minutes. Then the hackers send abusive and racist tweets as well as do some retweets. Twitter said its own systems were not compromised, instead blaming an unnamed mobile operator.

One of the tweets supporting Nazi Germany, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was innocent, while others contained racist comments against African Americans and Jews, Nazi Germany did nothing wrong. And there was also a tweet suggesting there was a bomb at Twitter’s headquarters.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account hacked DailyMagnet

Shortly after the apparent hack, the offensive tweets and retweets were deleted. Twitter shares fell less than 1% in after-hours trade following the hack.

A barrage of comments fired off on the platform questioned why the Twitter co-founder didn’t secure his account with two-factor authentication, and how disturbing a sign it was that the service wasn’t to keep its own chief safe on the platform.

“If you can’t protect Jack, you can’t protect… jack,” one Twitter user quipped.

The tweets were later deleted. But Twitter users took screenshots and shared them, highlighting that even Twitter CEO is not immune to cyber security threats on the social media website. A lot of user also made jokes about Jack using a weak password or not using two-factor authentication. However, it doesn’t look like that the account of the Twitter CEO was hacked due to a weak password.

The hacking technique used by hackers known as “simswapping” (or “simjacking”). This is a technique whereby an existing phone number in this case one associated with Mr Dorsey’s account is transferred to a new SIM card, usually after hackers trick or bribe customer support staff at a mobile provider. By taking control of the number, the hackers were able to post tweets via text message directly on to Mr Dorsey’s Twitter account. Later, Twitter pointed the blame at Dorsey’s cell carrier, saying that “the phone number associated with the account was compromised due to security oversight by the mobile provider,” which apparently allowed the hackers to send the tweets using text messages.

A Twitter spokesperson said the company was aware Dorsey’s account was compromised and the company was investigating what happened. The company deleted the tweets around 4:10 p.m. The company announced that Dorsey’s account had been secured and there was no indication that its systems had been compromised in a tweet sent around 5:20 p.m.

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