Discord has added new feature ‘Go Live’

Discord has added a newest feature, called Go Live. In Go Live feature you can easy way to stream games in a server voice channel for up to 10 of your Discord friends. Spectating is available from both the desktop and Chrome browser clients. Mobile client spectating hasn’t been released, but it’s coming soon!

Go Live keeps things simple – there is no complicated set-up, and it is just one click to stream a game to a server. Friends can view your stream from anywhere using the desktop app or by browser (mobile spectating coming by end of year). Plus, Go Live is hardware optimized so you can stream with minimal impact to your game performance. Go Live delivers a virtual couch gaming experience, making any game more social by inviting friends to watch and chat along with you.

To Go Live, your game needs to be recognized by Discord built-in game detection system and you need to be actively viewing a server! When your game is detected, the Go Live tab will appear on the bottom left of your screen, above your status bar.

Discord has added new feature 'Go Live' DailyMagnet

If the game does not appear, try manually adding your game by going to User Settings > Game Activity > Add it.

Now that you’ve got your game detected, go ahead and click the Go Live button. A window will then pop-up and you can select a voice channel.

Discord has added new feature 'Go Live' DailyMagnet

You should see a small Picture-in-Picture (PiP) window of the game you’re sharing.

Discord has added new feature 'Go Live' DailyMagnet

From here, you can hover over the PiP window and set the stream to your preferred resolution.

Discord has added new feature 'Go Live' DailyMagnet

  • All users can stream up to 720p/30fps,
  • Nitro Classic subscribers have access to 1080p/60fps,
  • And Nitro subscribers can go all the way up to 4k/60fps.

And now you can invite your friends directly to the stream or post the invite link.

Discord has added new feature 'Go Live' DailyMagnet

Note: You can only Go Live/stream from the Windows 8 or 10 desktop client. (Windows 7 is not available yet).

More information about Go Live you can search here.

More information about tech search here.

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