Zoom is Not Safe, says by The Government of India

Zoom app is ‘not a safe platform’ and advised government employees to not use it for official work as the video conference, says by the Government of India’s Cyber Coordination Centre. The Ministry of Home Affairs on Thursday has deemed the Zoom app as an unsafe platform.

“Zoom is a not a safe platform,” the Cyber Coordination Centre (CyCord) of India’s ministry of home affairs said in a 16-page (PDF) advisory. “Platform not for use by government officers/officials for official purposes,” said Press Bureau of India in a statement. The advisory includes guidelines for users who still wish to use Zoom for their private communications.

The govt. has reissued new guidelines after many users have complained about instances of leaked passwords and hackers hijacking video calls midway through conferences.

Here are the complete MHA guidelines for safe usage:

  1. Create a new user ID and password for each meeting
  2. Create a waiting room in the app so that a user will be able to enter the meeting only when the host gives him permission
  3. Disable Join feature before hosting
  4. Allowing Screen sharing by Host only
  5. Disabling “Allow removed participants to re-join”
  6. It is recommended to restrict or disable file transfer
  7. When all participants have joined, it has been advised to lock the meeting
  8. Restrict the recording feature
  9. To end meeting (not just leave, if you are an administrator)

Zoom has been trending on app stores in India in recent weeks; too, in a surprise as enterprise services rarely get traction with consumers in the country. Several Indian ministers in India have also tweeted pictures that showed they were using Zoom in recent weeks.

The app is being downloaded more than 450,000 times a day for the last two weeks in India, research firm Apptopia told TechCrunch. This week, India also started a competition for start-ups to develop a secure conferencing app.

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